Coriant Continues To Be Top Cloud Company

As we go further into the 21st century, more and more companies are realizing just how important it is to conduct their business using technology like the cloud. Coriant is one of those firms that has managed to rise to the top of its field thanks to the services it offers, including OTN Switching and Cloud Connectivity. Despite being relatively young (founded in 2013) the firm had been a subsidiary of Nokia Siemens but now operates all on its own.

The company sells hardware and software that allows for its customers to get the very best technology when it comes to connecting with the cloud and other tech choices that allow companies to carry out their own customers’ needs. Among the other products this companies offers are fiber optics equipment and other tools that will allow people to communicate that much better with other firms as well as their customers.

One of the reasons the firm has managed to have so much success in the last few years is because it has found strong leadership in the form of Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive who is well versed in everything that is needed to bring real success to a business in the tech world. Born in London in the heart of the UK, the exec grew up in Iran but soon found himself moving to the United States when he realized that his future was in the business world.

The executive really cut his teeth in the tech world when he took on a position with Verizon where he served as the president of that firms’ e-business division. It’s here where Shaygan Kheradpir is widely credited as helping the company better diversify the projects that firm was working on when it came to branching out past the cellular telephone world. After moving from one successful stint to another over the next 12 years. Shaygan Kheradpir finally found a home that he appears to be staying at for a while now.

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Doe Deere Amuses Her Fans

When it comes to selling makeup there are some cosmetics leaders that are just better than others. Doe Deere has not been in the makeup game for a long time, but she has proven that she is one of the most successful people when it comes to doing this. She has managed to fully engage herself into building her brand, and she has gained a lot of followers while she has been doing this.

Many people are familiar with what she is going and they are very excited about the type of new cosmetics that she brings to the market. She has become someone that has gained a following of young teenagers and preteens that are interested in her makeup line. Her style is different from a lot of other executives, and this has made her one of the better sources it for the new wave of cosmetics that are surfacing.

What Doe Deere has done is build a Lime Crime brand that is something out of the ordinary. When people see her and they see the cosmetics they are instantly transported into a world of something unusual and unexpected. This is something that has given her a lot of buzz from fans that were looking for something in the cosmetics world. She had done something special with her brand by creating a lot of cosmetics that stands out from the rest.

She has been known to break the rules because she does doesn’t fit into the box with all of the other traditional makeup leaders. Doe Deere has the brand that stands apart from the rest, and all of her fans are talking about the bright colors. This type of makeup isn’t for everyone, but many young adults love it.

What people are talking about the most is all of her social media outlet. This is where they get familiar with Lime Crime, and they also get to learn about new makeup that is being unveiled on the website. People that are interested in her cosmetics will usually get connected to Doe Deere through social media. That is usually the best way to find out what she is doing next because she doesn’t use the traditional means of advertising.

Doe Deere’s Career Dream

Doe Deere is the successful CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere is also living her dream. She longed for a business that would make an impact on the makeup world and deliver unique products to the customers that they could not find anywhere else. Well, that dream is now a reality. Doe Deere is the founder of a very innovative cosmetic line that is designed to bring out the creative side in the individual. Doe Deere is a vision to behold. She rocks pastel blue hair with style. Her ruby red lips smile back at you with confidence. Recently, Doe Deere stated that her new dream is to inform people that breaking traditional beauty rules is a wise choice.

Breaking Traditional Beauty Rules
Doe Deere has always been a bit of a rebel in her own way. People like to call her a rebel because she likes to establish her own rules to live by. Her makeup rules are easy to follow. She believes that people should just follow their own intuition. Often, their intuition is the best guide. If you think that bold colors look good on you, then go for it. Wear bold colors on eyes, lips, and your cheeks. Another rule that Doe Deere is happy to break concerns mixing too many colors. Doe Deere believes that you should get creative. It is super fun to jazz up your look with colors that make you feel good. Most people fear color. Doe Deere believes that you should embrace color. Don’t be afraid to explore your wild side. Mix several wild colors together and wear them with confidence. She believes a confident look is the key to wearing a combination of wild colors. This goes for makeup, clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

About Doe Deere
Her Lime Crime cosmetic line makes it possible for women to go beyond the ordinary and traditional. They are able to establish their own style with the makeup line’s bold and vibrant colors.

Doe Deere launched her successful makeup line back in 2008. Her idea was that an individual should experiment with their makeup and wear the look that fits their mood best.

An Analysis of Slyce’s 2015 Financial Report

Every year, businesses have to make their financial report public. This shows how it has performed in the course of the year, any new projects it undertook and what its future plans are. Top visual search company, Slyce Inc. recently announced its fiscal results for 2015 and the fourth quarter which came to an end on October 31, 2015. The firm used this occasion to make public the partnerships it has made, and what undertakings it has in store.

Key Highlights of the Report

In August 2015, it announced a partnership with online shoe retailer SHOES.COM. This is the fastest evolving online shoe store globally. Slyce’s visual search recognition allows those visiting SHOES.COM to take pictures of the footwear, whether in printed sources, and be presented with a catalogue of all related shoes by the company. The chosen item can then be purchased online and delivery made.

The Company also made it public that fashion line Neiman Marcus had extended the use of Slyce’s technology to the entire index of brands under its wing. This will facilitate buyers to take high definition images and upload them to Slyce’s website. They will thereafter be notified of any closely related items in the company’s catalogue. It also signed a pact with Shoe Carnival, which will see it tap into Slyce’s technology.

On the financial front, the company pointed out that it had raised 7 million dollars from a venture capitalist, who will get 5 million dollars-worth of shares. The financier acquired an additional 3.5 million dollar-worth of shares. It also embarked on a product improvement strategy, which will see it build a system that lessens assimilation efforts required of fresh customers. Revenues for 2015 amounted to 1.6 million dollars compared to 89,803 dollars the preceding year.

With the partnerships made, it has been placed on a growth path, which will ensure maximum yields in the coming years.