10 Innovative Strategy Sectors Paul Saunders introduced to James River Capital

Well, when it comes to investment, choosing the right investment company can lead to a burnout on its own. Getting someone to manage your funds can be a thing of long deliberation and many a time has proven unsuccessful. Investors are as must as be called your employees and you must pay attention to them because when they are happy you are also happy. Some things that Paul Saunders have been able to achieve is to help them achieve their set objective, be honest with every aspect of their agreement, suggest other form of activities that can help with a better mood swing, help them to build confidence and trust in their activities and set out limits they would want to reach for the day to help them move on.


James River Capital Coop is a privately owned company that offers genuine investment advice to the general public. Started by Paul H. Saunders, the company has a lot of strategic sectors that are occupied by well learned and experienced personnel in the field to make sure that all loopholes are covered some of which include Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


  1. Convertible Arbitrage- this has everything to do with stock long and short positions. Here they help you to pick a better term when it comes to how much profit you will be making of holding or letting go of stock in the market.
  2. Corporate Credit- this deals with how much loans you can be able to assess and repay within a given period of time. Making sure customers do not go into the wrong deal


  1. Distressed Credit- give you standard advice on distress properties so that you do not buy what will end up being worthless
  2. Equity Strategies- this is the best type of securities to invest it. And with proper coaching by the James River Capital Coop, be sure you are at the right place.
  3. Event Driven Strategies- this can be taken advantage of a onetime deal that is usually difficult to come by. This can be in the stock market or even with individual
  4. Fixed income Arbitrage- this usually shows you when to take advantage of price inefficiency in the stock market.
  5. Asset-backed Securities- just like it is said securities backed by the asset are the best to invest in. Here, either way, you do not lose out
  6. Managed Futures Trading- this is one trading aspect that one really needs an investment company for. Here you are advised on how to manage your future investment to enable you to maximise profits and minimise losses.
  7. Global Macroeconomic Strategies- this deals with the global trade in relation to the client’s investment. So whatever is happening in the global market affects all forms of investment locally.
  8. Multi-Strategy Investing- this helps one to consider all forms of assets they might have invested in, so when anyone is no longer looking promising, you can get the best advice on how to handle it.


Paul Saunders strategies have been one of the best in investment policies and James Rivers Capital has got it all.