A Better Green Health Community

Nathaniel Ru, co-founder of Sweet Green, the farm-to-table salad chain that is revolutionizing the fast-food business. Nathaniel started Sweet Green with John and Nick after meeting them during Freshman year of college. Through their passion for entrepreneurship, they want to create something fun and simple. Along with his co-founders, Nathaniel Ru believes that it is important to think of the whole ecosystem and how it applies to Sweet Green. Nathaniel wants to create a place that was healthy, affordable, delicious and stood for values and fun for the customers and the employees. His mission for Sweet Green is to be the channel for building healthier communities. It is about the experience that you have when you are there with other people, a sense of community. Due to this reason, Sweet Green had become more than just a healthy restaurant. Nathaniel believes in the idea of individuals coming together as a community and as a team to make things happen. Another big plus from Sweet Green is that the foods are either organic local or national raised. Nathaniel said that he wants Sweet Green to celebrate the local community and the farmers. Therefore, he had emphasized in the past that it is imperative for the customers to see the kitchens, ingredients, and the process behind making the food while interacting with the customers. For Nathaniel Ru, it is important to serve honest clean food that people can trust and talk about while eating.


He also focuses on crafty service design through technology for Sweet Green. Customers can browse through and order Sweet Green’s products with images while waiting in line. Nathaniel believes that technology can enhance the efficiency and be bridging the gap between convenience and healthy eating. Shared in the same mindset with his co-founders, Nathaniel’s outlook on Sweet Green is not to stand as a product but as a thriving culture. It is to be the strong brand of this generation and changing the way people think about food and health. Therefore, Sweet Green’s responsibility extends beyond its stores. Nathaniel wants to educate and to inspire students within his communities about healthy eating. Nathaniel also participated in the school program in which he called “Sweetener.” Through this program, he intends to better the understanding of healthy food in schools and set the kids off on a path to have a much healthier life for the rest of their lives.



The Society of Vintners Represents a Global Market

The Society of Vintners is a group of about 25 wine merchants located in the UK. They are family owned businesses that have banded together with similar interests and business goals. They bargain for better rates with suppliers and vendors.

The group began when five Nottingham Wine Merchants met and formed the Nottingham Wine Buying Group during the 1970’s. In the 1960’s another group in North London formed called the Allied Wine Buyers Consortium that grew to 25 members located in South England and the Midlands. Eventually the two groups joined each other.

They deal with shipping and making deals with major suppliers that provide wine to merchants. The Society of Vintners has an chief executive working from Sussex. They devote time to different wine producing regions like Chablis, Rhone, and Champagne. Their committee meets for tastings and reviews of purchasing about 4 times a year.

They sample wines from different regions and take recommendations from the group. Most often the Society puts its weight behind the groups decisions. The Society of Vintners puts its focus on quality rather than price when it makes decisions about wine. They look for quality and service in their suppliers.

The Society of Vintners often take trips to meet with their wine suppliers. Members benefit from the ability of the group to bargain and keep overhead low. To be a member a wine merchant must contribute to the product mix. The benefit is that wine merchants in the UK can talk and discuss business with each other several times a year. Its a chance to get new ideas for sales and marketing.

Wine merchants can get advice on buying from computers to supplies. Merchants have benefited with the increasing purchase of table wine in the UK. Often those that buy the most wine buy abroad. Cross border shopping account for about 8% of purchases for wine merchants. This is legal trade and has great value to the wine industry in the UK.

When the single European market was introduced the amount of wine purchased in the UK increased. The Society helps with the purchase of new products and the time it takes to get them in the store. They have found growth areas for wine are Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

The Society of Vintners offers wines from all over the world and enjoys a market where consumers in the UK buy a variety of wine products and are willing to try something new.

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The Successs of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a unique individual who is not only known to own a large business that helps others find information in various as well as complex industries, but Bruce Levenson is also an individual who holds tradition very close to heart and works hard to make sure that his traditional family values are used in every business step that he makes. According to Wikipedia, Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman and is most noted for his success as the co-owner as well as the co-founder of the United Communications Group, a company that has worked hard to provide information to those that are lacking it. This information is within any industry including the oil industry or even within the healthcare industry. As the success of the United Communications Group grew, Bruce Levenson has continued to not only maintain his family values, but has also used the money that he has made in order to help others; especially within the DC area.

In recent news, Bruce Levenson has made news by specifically suing one insurance company in particular due to their lack of decorum as a business that is supposed to help others in need. The specific settlement will be made due to a breach in contract that Bruce Levenson and his advisors were able to point out. Bruce Levenson is making sure that no other individual that is a part of this insurance company will suffer and that they will receive payment in full for any lying or mistreatment that has occurred. With over 40 years of experience within the world of business, Bruce Levenson is proud of what he has accomplished already and wants other individuals around the world to other benefit from the success that he has accumulated. Bruce Levenson has many plans for the future of his company and for philanthropy, read more on PR Newswire .

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Nathaniel Ru, the Success of Sweetgreen

At whatever point you stroll into a Sweetgreen eatery, you promptly feel an atmosphere of freshness. Sweetgreen has delegated a quick easygoing eatery network that serves prepared plates of mixed greens. It gives a brisk air that leaves individuals lining for the duration of the day to experience the solid food served. The menu comprises of lettuce, strong cheddar disintegrates, and tart dressings just to give some examples.


Sweetgreen is well known for its flavorful nourishments that are both sound and sensibly valued. Clients can appreciate the feeding foods served by Sweetgreen for generally an equal cost from burgers to fries. Sweetgreen’s servings of mixed greens go about all in all feasts whereby you can have them for lunch or dinner. They can likewise be taken in the middle of suppers. Sweetgreen’s plates of mixed greens fill the stomach, and you won’t feel hungry thirty minutes after eating.


Sweetgreen was established in 2007 by three Georgetown students—Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet. They began with only one shop in Georgetown. Much to their dismay, nine years down the line they would have 31 outlets across the nation and $95 million worth of investment financing. The three originators have set their eyes on extending to 40 eateries before the end of 2016.


Fortune as of late highlighted Sweetgreen, and it proclaimed that startup eatery networks ought to take a gander at Sweetgreen and attempt to imitate it. Nathaniel Ru, the co-founder examined a few operations of the eatery. He shed light on how Sweetgreen picks its areas. Mr. Ru guaranteed that they lead an investigation of socioeconomics of a sector while considering the planning of entering that particular market. He gave a case of an eatery they opened in a New York neighborhood grouped with a bunch of tech and media organizations.


Mr. Ru additionally addressed the outline of Sweetgreen. He alluded to the outline as “administration plan” which includes narrating, outline, and innovation. He stated that the open kitchen is fundamental in demonstrating its clients the procedure behind creating the nourishment.


About Nathaniel Ru


Mr. Ru went to Georgetown University where he graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Around the same time, he helped to establish Sweetgreen. In 2010, Mr. Ru and the other two co-founders launched Sweetlife. Sweetlife is nourishment and music celebration that draws in more than 20,000 members and components prominent music artisans and gourmet specialists alike.


Mr. Ru and his accomplices have been included in a few magazines and sites as an acknowledgment for their endeavors and entrepreneurial undertakings.

Mike Baur, Successful Swiss Based Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who can count successes in the field. At the moment, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Swiss Startup Factory, and he is also the founder of the company which was launched in the year 2014. The company, which is now successful in mentoring and guiding young entrepreneurs, is unique and many young aspiring entrepreneurs have benefited from its teachings.


The Swiss Startup Factory is tasked with a variety of functions among them mentoring, coaching and proving financial support to the selected potential entrepreneurs. Mike Baur has been successful in the sector because he entered the industry way back when he was a teenager. Before coming with the idea, the entrepreneur was investing in business startups and enjoying huge getting profits. The exposure he got from working with many businesses and companies is what is making him succeed in the banking and financial sector.


Mike Baur has invested in numerous firms in the banking industry in particular before moving on to start the Swiss Startup Factory. He has been in the industry for some years, and he has been evaluating a variety of businesses and the chances of such companies becoming successful. Mike used the broad knowledge he had acquired and started many undertakings which were all successful. This is why he has been able to come with the idea of Swiss Startup Factory.


After he had begun his career in the banking and financial sector, Mike Baur worked as a professional in the area. He has amassed experience having worked with many businesses and organizations and making them succeed under his watch. He understood the world of business and used his talent to the benefit of numerous corporations. Many entrepreneurs found him helpful, and they worked with him closely. He mostly funded companies after evaluating their ideas and seeing they can succeed in their business endeavors.


Mike used his expertise to advice entrepreneurs who approached him, and as a result, he has helped many companies to achieve their goals. Since Mike Baur worked in the banking sector and also tried a hand in investing in startups, he gained experience and later developed a unique businesses model that has not been developed before. The company he started not only benefits him, but it also helps many entrepreneurs who are now thriving because of the support and guidance they get from Mike Baur.


He has worked hard to shape the banking and financial sector and to mentor young people.



Spirit and Study: Introduction to the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit, educational organization created by Rabbi and prolific author, Phillip Berg and his wife Karen to promulgate spiritual realization and the study of the Kabbalah. The central core curriculum of the Kabbalah Centre is focused upon a thorough and intensive study of the Zohar and the Kabbalic Tradition more generally. Despite the fact that the Kabbalah and its attendant traditions have close ties to Judiasm and Christianity, it is not a religious denomination – nor is the Kabbalah Centre a religious institution. Rather the Kabbalah Centre seeks to utilize the notions of spiritual realization and self introspection and contemplation found within the Zohar and other Kabbalic traditions to help individuals find pragmatic ways to self actualization and deal with the myriad problems facing one’s world.

The Kabbalah is an ancient tradition that rose to historical prominence in either the 12th century or the 13th century and is of a perennialist disposition. This means that it was a syncretic tradition, created out of a mixture of pre-Christian, Christian, Hebrew and Judaic mysticism and, more recently, occultism and various New Age spiritual practices. The main goal of the Kabbalah, as illustrated in the core text of the doctrine, The Zohar, is to examine the nature of the self and, once the self is properly understood, realize that individuals placing in relation to other individuals as well as the two realms of being, the Ein Sof, that is, the real of eternity, and the mundane world which it is believed the creator designed expressly for the habitation of man (though this doctrine changes from teacher to teacher).

The Kabbalah Centre, in addition to its central texts also utilizes a great deal of other books and sources to assist its students in the contemplation of freedom, the nature of life, death as well as the potential for every single human being, regardless of their station in life, to achieve greatness and self transcendence. Additionally, The Kabbalah Centre is not a closed, hermetically sealed or elitist organization, but is rather, open to any and all interested persons, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, creed or religion.

IAP Worldwide Services Is Picked For The $ 900 Million U.S. Navy Contract

IAP Worldwide Services is an international company that offers a wide range of service to the U.S. and foreign governments. It is among the five companies that won the indefinite-quantity contract. The Naval Engineering Command Facilities selected IAP Worldwide Services for the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contact II worth $900 million. IAP has a history if supporting such contingency-based contracts with DoD entities. Since 1996, IAP Worldwide is the only government services provider to be chosen for all four Air Force programs under the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP).

Under the contract, the company will provide various services to the Navy. They consist of humanitarian efforts and facility support services. Others include incidental construction services to support natural disasters, incumbent breaks in service at different locations in the world that support the Nation’s efforts and a full range of military actions.

Doug Kitani, the CEO and director of IAP Worldwide Services said that the company was pleased to continue serving its customers by delivering the innovative solutions to their complex challenges. He added that their decision to support the Global Contingency Services of the U.S. Navy is a reflection of their determination to maintain high standards of professionalism in solving their customers’ needs. The vice president for Global Support Services, Rick Nohmer, posited that they would carry out the task on a global scale to support NAVFAC.

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About IAP Worldwide Services
IAP Worldwide is a world-class leader in providing aviation and engineering services, IT & communications, infrastructure & logistics, and power solutions. The company is motivated by its undying desire to ensure that the U.S. government delivers its missions in an any kind of environment. IAP Worldwide Services is fully prepared to meet various emerging challenges. The entity’s employees have adequate experience. They can deliver resourceful and effective solutions in the shortest time possible. IAP offers global-scale support to organizations that focus on keeping the United States stable and secure. They ensure that civilians and defense agencies operate in a favorable environment.

In addition, the company supports non-governmental organizations, clients working in remote areas and energy firms. IAP serves these clients through providing infrastructure solutions and engaging in disaster management among many other services. They create and maintain power plants both temporary and permanent. Moreover, they sustain several aircraft programs by upgrading, acquiring and repairing. IAP supports high-tech equipment and systems that improve the performance of many key platforms, thus helping the U.S. government to endure the emerging transformations in the IT industry.

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EOS Excels With Millennial Marketing

EOS lip balm is found in almost every drug store lip care aisle today and many women recognize what it is, but how did it get so popular with the ladies? In a recent article by fastcompany.com, the founders of the company knew that women were their niche market, and simply asked them what they wanted. It is sometimes the most simple marketing initiatives that lead to the most success.

The resulting product that was developed after listening to the responses of their queries was a spherical modern package design housing an all natural lip balm product that was delicately flavored and scented. The lip pods were easy to apply and didn’t leave the fingers messy like other potted balm products. They also catered to women’s want for a product that was enjoyable and beautiful to use in their daily beauty routines. EOS lip balms hit all the marks and was an instant success, especially for their first female buyer at Walgreens.

After the product saw some success at Walgreens the founders of the company decided to invest their money in custom machinery that could make the products in house without the need to rely on an outside manufacturer. This decision enabled the company to branch out to other locations interested in the product, change up their product offering to keep it interesting, and to keep up with demand.

Only after these pods had seen some success did the brand invest in more rigorous marketing with some old school methods like television commercials and print ads in magazines, but also in millennial style advertising that would help them to connect to their target audience quicker. The brand reached out to YouTube beauty gurus and makeup and beauty bloggers who had a large millennial audience to give their product the wider audience that it would be popular with. Check out evolutionofsmooth.com today!


Refinance With Ignition Financial To Lower Your Car Payments

A lot of cars are sold each year. And, it is a fact that due to the high prices of automobiles, most people can’t afford to pay cash for their cars so they need to arrange financing. In many cases, consumers arrange financing through the dealership that is selling the car. The dealership will get their customers a loan that will have monthly payments that the customer finds affordable. But in reality, these dealership car loans are not in the customers best interest. The customer can refinance their car loan with Ignition Financial and reduce their monthly payments at the same time.


You may be thinking: How can refinancing my car slash my payments? Well, you need to understand what goes on behind the scene in the world of auto financing. Car dealers have relationships with many lenders. All of these lenders are in competition with each other to make car loans. So, these lenders make deals with the people who sell cars to encourage them to arrange a loan through their bank.


The banks agree to loan the money at a set interest rate for the car. The dealer is then allowed to add his own interest to the loan that extra money is his to keep. This additional interest can range between 2 to 4 percent higher, or even more. The car dealer can raise the interest rate as high as he thinks he can get away with doing. Unfortunately, consumers are unaware of this process and how they are being duped.


Arranging auto financing is a very profitable part of a car dealers business. When you consider the price of cars, especially a new one, you can see that this extra interest can add up quickly. And the worse part is that you are paying for it all. However, you can take steps to get yourself out of this financial trap that you have fallen into. Refinance your car through a bank that offers lower interest rates.


The financial benefits to refinancing your car are enormous. The first benefit of auto refinancing is that you will have a lower monthly payment. This will free up money that you can use for other things. Or, you can use the money you save every month to make extra payments towards paying down the principle owed on you new car loan. Don’t delay. Refinance your car today to start saving money now.

No Rest for the Weary

There is more legal entanglement involving former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson, and the former general manager of the team Danny Ferry. Levenson has filed suit against the insurance company known as AIG. He is claiming breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The suit does not include the basketball team’s current ownership group which is headed by Tony Ressler.

AHBE, the Atlanta Hawks previous ownership group, charges that AIG did not acknowledge a policy that was triggered during the handling of the Ferry case. Accusations of breach of contract stem from UCG founder Bruce Levenson not believing that all liabilities were covered during the negotiation process.

Levenson hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle to help sell the team, hoping to get a 1 billion dollar value from his investment. The team as reported by Forbes would eventually go to Tony Ressler for the price of 730 million. The present Hawks ownership group claims no involvement in the case between the former ownership team and AIG. Bruce Levenson has not looked to hold anyone currently with the team’s front office accountable for any wrongdoing.

AHBE is seeking various forms of compensation, including lawyer fees to cover the cost of litigation throughout the process. AIG has yet to comment on these allegations.

* http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks