Timothy Armour – Spearheading The Growth Of Capital Group Uninterrupted

Capital Group is among the biggest and the oldest investment management organizations in the United States and has global footprints.

The company operates internationally through its offices in the major cities in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. The company has one of the largest valuations of the assets under management, amount to over $1.4 Trillion. It only goes on to prove the Capital Group has been able to win among its investors and the stronghold of the company in the financial market.

Timothy Armour is the CEO and Chairman of Capital group, spearheading the company to achieving success globally through strategic planning, development of innovative financial tools, and exploring new markets and sectors of investments.

Timothy Armour understands that to expand and continue the momentum of growth for Capital Group in the future, taking the business to new unexplored markets is important. In this regards, collaborating with the international players in the field of finance would help Capital Group get an edge over its competition. It would help the company to penetrate and explore new markets far more quickly with local assistance from global partners.

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He aims to follow the legacy of James Rothenberg, who was leading the company before Tim. The board unanimously decided to make Tim Armour as the company’s chairman after the sudden demise of James Rothenberg, who had made immense contributions to the growth of the Capital Group.

Timothy Armour to spearhead Capital Group to expand internationally recently collaborated with Samsung Asset Management based in Korea. South Korea is a market with high potential, and Tim wants to explore the market and make firm roots in the country’s economy with the help of a local partner, which would help Capital Group understand the dynamics of the Korea’s economy and operations.

Capital Group aims to help Samsung Asset Management with annuity and retirement planning financial tools while also partnering with investment management, distribution of products and services, marketing, product maintenance and administration. Tim has done graduation in Economics from the reputed Middlebury College and has over 33 years of experience working in the financial market.

Tim Armour believes that the U.S. economy after the Presidential Election and after Trump won the election may have been going through turmoil politically but has opened doors for economic opportunities. The corporate earnings can see a major rise shortly, especially as the interest rates have been increased a couple of times recently. In the long term, an increase of the Fed rate can help support most of the industries and the country’s economy in general.

Securus Technologies Receives Accreditation From The Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a large communications company that serves correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement. It currently provides service to over 1.2 million inmates and 3,800 different institutional entities.


Services provided include phone service via Apple and Android technology through smartphones, tablets and regular landlines. The comfort that inmates and their families receive from having ready communications availability is a vital factor in the morale and discipline statistics of the federal prison systems involved.


When inmates can communicate with family members on a regular basis, not only does it make things easier for them when they can find out news from home, it helps discipline from within the correctional institutions themselves.


Recently Securus has joined and become accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Not all businesses can attain that status as a rigorous application procedure is necessary before accreditation can occur. First, a business has to meet the standards prescribed by the Better Business Bureau; then an application may be submitted. Once the application is received by the BBB, the decision is made to either accept or reject the applicant.


Securus has been accepted and accredited by the Better Business Bureau and this gives Securus a standing in the community of enhancement and that of a stable and desirable business in the eyes of the Better Business Bureau. It gives the customers of Securus an independent advocate in case there is any problem or issue with Securus from the standpoint of the inmates or their families.


If there is a problem, then the alleged wronged party can file a formal complaint with the BBB and receive the correction of the problem. If a problem is not rectified, it is noted by the BBB, and the reputation of Securus would be downgraded publically.


When It Comes To Cuticles, WEN By Chaz Seals The Deal

If we look at the beauty and science of hair, we can learn quite a lot. For instance, the cuticle is key when it comes to our tresses. It is the outermost layer of hair and features overlapping segments. This natural design protects the inside layers of the hair.

If the segments of the cuticle lay flat, that means the hair is healthy. When locks show dry or damaged hair, the cuticle will lie open.

The proper shampoo and conditioning system will close the cuticle and seal in moisture.

Maybe you spend a lot of money for hair care products that perform with huge lathers, but sadly, most of these brands carry nasty chemicals in their formulas. You might feel that the big foaming action is helping your tresses, but in reality, these potentially toxic chemicals are weakening the hair shaft. Little by little, your hair becomes, dull, rough and damaged.

WEN hair developed a healthier way to care for your hair and its all important cuticles. It’s the famous no lather shampoo that features botanical and herbal extracts for hair strength and shine. There are zero sulfates present in WEN’s special cleansing conditioners.

Chaz Dean is the famous LA stylist who created the WEN By Chaz label. He is a proud person living an holistic lifestyle, and that is how he approached developing his popular brand of no lather shampoos. His cleansing conditioners are multi-action, 5-in-1 miracle hair care bottles. One bottle can effectively cleanse like a shampoo and offer a conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. The products are so luxurious and versatile, that each WEN item can be used on hair of any type and texture in any condition, even for a double-process platinum blonde.

To learn more about WEN, check out the brand’s Facebook page and Twitter account.
Wen Organization profile: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity


Jeffrey Schneider and His Company Offers the Best Services

Jeffrey Schneider is the CEO as well as the founder of Ascendant Capital, this is a boutique that is located in Austin. He is an entrepreneur who has over the years become accomplished in his business. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree. Before joining Ascendant Capital he associated himself in work with Alex Brown, Merril and Smith Barney, apart from that e also worked with Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management.

Ascendant Capital offers marketing, sales, creative approaches in financial building and working services as their services. It is a unique company full of exceptional services. Important fund sponsors are also able to get capital from the company to enhance their business. The company collaborates with specific professionals to enhance their services worldwide, these experts include; broker-dealers, private banks, family offices and registered investment advisors.

The administration skills of Jeffrey Schneider have greatly contributed to the growth of the company which involves the rate at which staff members develop. Ascendant Capital has over the years succeeded in making $1 billion in association with 250 investment advisors, a couple of family offices and fifty broker-dealers. The rise of this cash has helped in buying auto agreements, real estate and tech organizations. Teamwork has been part of the reason of the accomplishment of the firm, Schneider believes that this kind of spirit will take the company much further.

In the matters of increasing holding and reducing instability, Schneider understands the recent market and how it will contribute to the ratio of extra investment and therefore he is challenged to do much better in that area. The organization desires to grow much more in its business and keep itself in line especially with the trending market.

Apart from teamwork, culture has also become a great reason for the success of the company. This culture is all about the working environment of the company and how they pursue it. The culture helps in establishing trust and open conversations between employees. Furthermore transparency is easily achieved through such talks. Together with the company, Jeffrey Schneider makes sure that the customers who are most investors are first served before other tasks are carried out.

Everyone has hobbies, the hobbies of Schneider include traveling, and he has visited South America, Asia and Europe. Iron man, ironmans and a couple of marathons are what he took part in. hence staying fit and eating healthy meals is what makes him get up every morning to go to work. He is also a philanthropist who has involved himself in a number of charitable firms. They include Wonders and Worries, Cherokee Home for Children, The Gazelle Foundation and God Loves We Deliver.

Why Todd Lubar has continued scaling the heights in mortgage banking

The world of real estate development has changed over the years to become one of the leading employment sector in the world. Many people have developed interest in the field and a result many real estate firms have emerged dominating the world. Establishing a real estate firm is very expensive and requires huge amount of capital. Todd Lubar is a real estate developer and investor who has surpassed all odds to became a successful real estate developer and agent. He started his real estate business in 1995 when he saw a need of developing and industry that would bring development and employment opportunities to people. As such, he started off by securing a loan from Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Through repayment of the loan, he learned more about mortgage banking which was his breakthrough into the world of property management and banking. As a result, he started developing networking with real estate agents and financial institutions which would later help him in developing a successful financial group.

His depute came in 1999 when he brokered a deal and legacy financial group that would provide him with increase financial support. As such, he increased his lending capacity to reach many people and organizations. After building his reputation from the honest transaction he was making with his clients, he formed legendary properties LLC in 2002. With over 12years experience in the industry, Lubar became a renowned personality in real estate industry and later diverted into financial service sector. So far, he has participated in over 7000 transactions that have also accorded him higher status in the society. His career and success is also pegged down on the educational background he received in his early years. He attended Sidwell Friends School in 1977 in Washington DC before proceeding to advance his education in The Peddie School in New Jersey. Later on, he joined Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. He is a loving father of two children who have always given him the morale to tacking challenges in life. As such, he is dedicated in ensuring people become successful and live comfortably.


How To Scale Up The Online Reputation Of A Business

The world of business has changed over the years and with the World Wide Web burst, there have been many opportunities and challenges alike. Businesses are able to connect with users and potential customers more easily and through cheaper methods. However, losing the reputation of a business because of a mistake has also become easy because sharing of information online is easier and mere rumors can spread within few hours.

That’s why every business needs to have an online Reputation Defender review and management strategy that will keep it protected from losing its image due to some content shared online due to malice or either exposing the failures of the business. There are many ways a business can manage its reputation online and some are as highlighted below.

Online reviews

Online reviews can make or break your company. When a third party writes a negative review of your business then the information is shared across different networks, there is high likelihood your business will suffer the effects of the bad image painted. To keep the reputation of your business in check, regularly do press-release content and reviews that highlight the steps taken as well as the achievements the business has recorded over the years.

Optimize content for search

Search engines operate based on instructions and algorithms that detect the kind of content you post. Search engine optimization is a vital element in running your business that you should not ignore. Ensure the content you share online is optimized with the right key words, meta description and quality so Google and other search engines can identify the unique information shared then filter for the kind of users you target.

Use social media

Social media is another perfect place to keep your business relevant and moving. Many social media accounts allow you to share content through automation such that once you post on your website the same details are transferred to your social media account. Social media allows you to connect with different potential buyers and you can see their opinions about your business. With this information, you can improve some parts of your business.


Igor Cornelsen: A Most Profitable Career

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor who has done his homework when it comes to the market. He has become so comfortable with the market of investments that he is able to provide tips for people that are willing to get into the investment business. It can be very tricky to earn profits, especially in Brazilian markets. However, Igor has worked through all of the obstacles and is willing to tell people what they can do so that they can get through them. People who listen to Igor and read his advice will find it easier to profit from their investments.

Among the many tips that Igor has offered to people, the most appealing one deals with passive income on Tumblr. This is the type of income that requires minimal involvement. In order to profit with passive income, the best thing to do is diversify. People with a diverse investment portfolio tend to be a little more successful in their attempts. In many cases, some of the investments will fail while the others thrive for those who have a diverse portfolio of investments. Igor Cornelsen himself has realized the value of diverse investment portfolios. He continues to enjoy the success he has gained in his investment career.

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Igor Cornelsen has chose investment as a career because he has seen the advantages of investing. With investing, one does not have to work very hard in order to profit. All he has to do is be wise with his finances so that he could minimize his overall losses. One of the wisest things to do is treat every investment like a potential losing investment on Twitter. This means one should not invest more than he could afford. This will go a long way towards a profitable investment career. Investment can be one of the easiest ways to make money for people that approach it wisely.

A Better Green Health Community

Nathaniel Ru, co-founder of Sweet Green, the farm-to-table salad chain that is revolutionizing the fast-food business. Nathaniel started Sweet Green with John and Nick after meeting them during Freshman year of college. Through their passion for entrepreneurship, they want to create something fun and simple. Along with his co-founders, Nathaniel Ru believes that it is important to think of the whole ecosystem and how it applies to Sweet Green. Nathaniel wants to create a place that was healthy, affordable, delicious and stood for values and fun for the customers and the employees. His mission for Sweet Green is to be the channel for building healthier communities. It is about the experience that you have when you are there with other people, a sense of community. Due to this reason, Sweet Green had become more than just a healthy restaurant. Nathaniel believes in the idea of individuals coming together as a community and as a team to make things happen. Another big plus from Sweet Green is that the foods are either organic local or national raised. Nathaniel said that he wants Sweet Green to celebrate the local community and the farmers. Therefore, he had emphasized in the past that it is imperative for the customers to see the kitchens, ingredients, and the process behind making the food while interacting with the customers. For Nathaniel Ru, it is important to serve honest clean food that people can trust and talk about while eating.


He also focuses on crafty service design through technology for Sweet Green. Customers can browse through and order Sweet Green’s products with images while waiting in line. Nathaniel believes that technology can enhance the efficiency and be bridging the gap between convenience and healthy eating. Shared in the same mindset with his co-founders, Nathaniel’s outlook on Sweet Green is not to stand as a product but as a thriving culture. It is to be the strong brand of this generation and changing the way people think about food and health. Therefore, Sweet Green’s responsibility extends beyond its stores. Nathaniel wants to educate and to inspire students within his communities about healthy eating. Nathaniel also participated in the school program in which he called “Sweetener.” Through this program, he intends to better the understanding of healthy food in schools and set the kids off on a path to have a much healthier life for the rest of their lives.



The Society of Vintners Represents a Global Market

The Society of Vintners is a group of about 25 wine merchants located in the UK. They are family owned businesses that have banded together with similar interests and business goals. They bargain for better rates with suppliers and vendors.

The group began when five Nottingham Wine Merchants met and formed the Nottingham Wine Buying Group during the 1970’s. In the 1960’s another group in North London formed called the Allied Wine Buyers Consortium that grew to 25 members located in South England and the Midlands. Eventually the two groups joined each other.

They deal with shipping and making deals with major suppliers that provide wine to merchants. The Society of Vintners has an chief executive working from Sussex. They devote time to different wine producing regions like Chablis, Rhone, and Champagne. Their committee meets for tastings and reviews of purchasing about 4 times a year.

They sample wines from different regions and take recommendations from the group. Most often the Society puts its weight behind the groups decisions. The Society of Vintners puts its focus on quality rather than price when it makes decisions about wine. They look for quality and service in their suppliers.

The Society of Vintners often take trips to meet with their wine suppliers. Members benefit from the ability of the group to bargain and keep overhead low. To be a member a wine merchant must contribute to the product mix. The benefit is that wine merchants in the UK can talk and discuss business with each other several times a year. Its a chance to get new ideas for sales and marketing.

Wine merchants can get advice on buying from computers to supplies. Merchants have benefited with the increasing purchase of table wine in the UK. Often those that buy the most wine buy abroad. Cross border shopping account for about 8% of purchases for wine merchants. This is legal trade and has great value to the wine industry in the UK.

When the single European market was introduced the amount of wine purchased in the UK increased. The Society helps with the purchase of new products and the time it takes to get them in the store. They have found growth areas for wine are Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

The Society of Vintners offers wines from all over the world and enjoys a market where consumers in the UK buy a variety of wine products and are willing to try something new.

Contact UK Vintners PLC online via Facebook or LinkedIn.




The Successs of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a unique individual who is not only known to own a large business that helps others find information in various as well as complex industries, but Bruce Levenson is also an individual who holds tradition very close to heart and works hard to make sure that his traditional family values are used in every business step that he makes. According to Wikipedia, Bruce Levenson is a successful businessman and is most noted for his success as the co-owner as well as the co-founder of the United Communications Group, a company that has worked hard to provide information to those that are lacking it. This information is within any industry including the oil industry or even within the healthcare industry. As the success of the United Communications Group grew, Bruce Levenson has continued to not only maintain his family values, but has also used the money that he has made in order to help others; especially within the DC area.

In recent news, Bruce Levenson has made news by specifically suing one insurance company in particular due to their lack of decorum as a business that is supposed to help others in need. The specific settlement will be made due to a breach in contract that Bruce Levenson and his advisors were able to point out. Bruce Levenson is making sure that no other individual that is a part of this insurance company will suffer and that they will receive payment in full for any lying or mistreatment that has occurred. With over 40 years of experience within the world of business, Bruce Levenson is proud of what he has accomplished already and wants other individuals around the world to other benefit from the success that he has accumulated. Bruce Levenson has many plans for the future of his company and for philanthropy, read more on PR Newswire .

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